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The 3 C’s of life

The 3 C’s of life:
Choices, Chances, Changes.
you must make a choice to take
a chance or your life will never

Don’t let past relationships ruin

Don’t let past relationships ruin your future happiness.
Scars remind us of where we have been, not indicate where
we are going.

When you face difficult time

When you face difficult time,
know that challenges are not
sent to destroy you. They are
sent to promote, increase,and
strengthen you.

The post can hurt

Yes, the post can hurt.
But the way I see it,
You can either run from
it or learn from it.

The only things you can

The only things you can take with you
when you leave this world are the things
you’ve packed inside your heart.

Bardash buzdili nahein

Bardash buzdili nahein
Bal k zindage ka aik eham asool hai.
Jis dil mein quwat e bardash hai wo kabhi har nahein sakta.

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