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A friend is like a song

A friend is like a song,
After we hear it we still hum
We melody as we live,
You are one of the best song
that never run out of tune.
Happy Friendship Day

Friendship is not about whom

Friendship is not about whom
you’ve known the longest, It
is about who came and never
left your side.

Frndshp is not word,

Frndshp is not word,
Nt merely a relatnshp.
Itz a silent promise sayin,
“I was”I am”
“I wll b”

Bhale hi apne jigri dost

Bhale hi apne jigri dost kam hai
Per Jitne bhi hai “Nuclear Bomb”

A friend is someone you can

A friend is someone you can be alone with and
have nothing to do and not be able to think of
anything to say and be comfortable in the silence.

Good friends are like

Good friends are like Stars,
you don’t always see them,
but you know they are always there.

Friendship has no limit

Road has speed limit,
Bank has money limit,
exam has time limit,
life has age limit,
but friendship has no limit
you and me my dear friend.

A friend is one

A friend is one of the nicest things
you can have, and one of the best things
you can be.

I Love My Dear Friends

We met, it was Luck.
We talked, it was Chance.
We became frnds, it was Destiny
We r still frnds, it is Faith.
We will always be frnds, it’s a PROMISE!
I Love My Dear Friends

Ek Shxkhs Ne Khubsurat

Ek Shxkhs Ne Khubsurat Mehal Ki
Taraf Dekhte Huwex Apne Dost Se Kaha,
“Ke Jab In Logon Ki Qismat Me
Daulat Ki Taqseem Likkhi Ja Rahi Thi,
To Hum Kahan The,?
Dusra Dost Use Pakad Kr Hospital Le Gaya,
Aur Bimaaron Ki Taraf Ishara Karte Huwe Kaha,
“Ke Jab In Logo Ki Qismat Me Musibat Aur
Bimari Likkhi Ja Rahi Thi, To Us Waqt Hum Kahan The?

Friends do not value

True friends do not value for
what you can do for them.
They simply value you.

Blessed are the friends

Blessed are the friends
Who support us and comfort us
in the storms of life and gladden
our days.
Have a Good Day

A friend is someone

A friend is someone you call when you
need bail money. but your best friend
is sitting right there beside you saying
“The party’s not over until the mugshots
are taken.”

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