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The person you are trying to reach
is out of body. Please try again later.
After I have my coffee.

your world is spinning around

If ur world is spinning around
ur heart is beating fast..
Do u think its love?
Na Munna Na
it’s called High Blood Pressure.

Do not brush after meals divided

Mother : – Do not brush after meals divided today ..
Bubly : – y mother .. ??
Mother : – is so expensive 2 eat onions ,
People should walk around 2 know.

In English Class

In English Class..
“One day our country will be corruption free.”
Which tense is it?
Future Impossible Tense.

Have you done 2 of the most

Good Morning Dear.
Have you done 2 of the most important
things when U woke up today?
1- Pray, so that you may live..
2- Take a bath so that others may live too.

If you don’t feel bad

If you don’t mind
If you don’t feel bad
If don’t hesitate
Plz give me a
Kissan Jam’s Bottle

Dear Colgate

Dear Colgate..
Now that you’ve added salt and lemon
Plzz add vod-ka and Wh-isky also
so that people can brush 6 times a day.

Apple Ka Phone Girny Per

Apple is the new Onion of the generation
Onion Katny per bhi rona ata hai,
Apple Ka Phone Girny Per bhi rona ata hai!

Love started with eyes

Love started with eyes,
Grew with gifts,
ended with tears.

Love starts from cellphone,
Grows with messages and Ends with –
“The number your calling is currently
busy please try again later”!

Dekh Shona

Dekh Shona
photo meri achi h
soch meri sachi h
Fir bhi Mai tujhe
Pasand Na Aaya to
BABY Abhi tu bachi H

Doctor to injured patient

Doctor to injured patient:
Jab car aik lady chalaa rahe
thi to tumhein road se hut kr
chalna chaahiye tha.
Kon sa road?
Main to Garden mein letaa howa tha

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