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Love started with eyes

Love started with eyes,
Grew with gifts,
ended with tears.

Love starts from cellphone,
Grows with messages and Ends with –
“The number your calling is currently
busy please try again later”!

Dekh Shona

Dekh Shona
photo meri achi h
soch meri sachi h
Fir bhi Mai tujhe
Pasand Na Aaya to
BABY Abhi tu bachi H

Doctor to injured patient

Doctor to injured patient:
Jab car aik lady chalaa rahe
thi to tumhein road se hut kr
chalna chaahiye tha.
Kon sa road?
Main to Garden mein letaa howa tha

If you are in that stage

Dear Kids,
If you are in that stage of
life when people tell you
“Abhi perh lo aagy puuri life
mazay karo gy!”

Then please remember this:
“Aagay bhi aap ne zaleel hi
hona hai.”

Wo Konse 5 Bachay Hein

Wo Konse 5 Bachay Hein Jo Khud Bhi Sara Din
Karte Hein or Na Khud Parhte Hein Na Doosron
Ko Parhne Dete Hein,,,
Nobita, Shuzuka, Jiyan, Sunio or Wo kamina Doremon. 😜😝

Sab es ladke kaa h

Baap ne beti ke Room me Cigarette
Oh God,She Smokes
phir wine ki bottle dekhi…
Oh God,She Drinks too…
Phir ladke ko dekha
Thank God,ye Sab es ladke kaa h

Foure Boys On a Bike

Foure Boys On a Bike

Police:-Taple Raing is not allowed Aur
Tum Kamino 4 Beithe Ho…?

Boy(Shocked):-Look Behind…
And Says:Saalo 5wa Kaha Gir Gaya Yaar…?
Jise aaj Party Deni Thi….

Smoking a Cigarette

Smoking a cigarette reduces life by 5 minutes,

Laughing increases life by 10 minutes.

A laughing smoker never dies 😉

Sorry reports got mixed up

Doctor: Sorry reports got mixed up.

We do not know if your wife has AIDS or Asthma!!
Husband: Now, what?
Doctor: Send her for jogging.

If she returns, do not sleep with her 😉

Women are like Iphones

Women are like Iphones: You have to touch them all
over before they respond. Men are like Blackberries:
Rub one ball and everything moves.

Wrong choices bring us

Sometimes, the wrong choices
bring us to the right places.

Life is too short

Life is too short to be
serious all the time.
So, If you can’t laugh
at yourself, call me.
I’ll laugh at you.

Its funny how

Its funny how when I’m loud,
People tell me to be Quiet but
when I’m Quiet, People ask me
whats wrong with me.

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