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IF U focus 2 much on the painful past

IF U focus 2 much on the painful past,
You’ll miss D beautiful future.
Good Morning

Eyes are not meant 4 tears…

Eyes are not meant 4 tears…
And heart is not meant 4 fear.. . .
Never get upset but always cheer.. . .
Bcoz u are the 1 who can .. .
Make people smile four yearz . . .
Good Morning Have A Nice day

If you want happiness

If you want happiness spread happiness
Who give love n happiness to others
Allah keep him always happy.
Good Morning

Man cannot discover

Man cannot discover new oceans
unless he has the courage to
lose sight of the shore.
Good Morning

Foolish person

Foolish person will be known by several things:
Anger without cause, speech without thought,
change without progress, inquiry without reason,
thought without action and dishonesty without conscience.
Very Good Morning Dear

Three Things in Life

Three Things you cannot recover from life.
The moment after it’s missed,
The word after it’s said,
The time after it’s wasted.
Good Morning

Always remember that

Always remember that your present
situation is not your final destination.
The best is yet to come.
Good Morning

Doubt and Faith both

Doubt and Faith both are status of mind.
Doubt creates the darkest moments in our Finest Hour,
While Faith brings finest moments in our Darkest Hour.
Good Morning!

sUccess and You

sUccess all depend on the
second letter.
Good Morning

Life’s challenges

Life’s challenges are not
supposed to paralyze you,
They are supposed to help you
discover who you really are.
Good Morning

Each heart beat will inspire

Do not store dreams in your eyes,
They may roll down with tears..
Store them in your heart,
Each heart beat will inspire
You to fulfill them.
Good Morning

Hard work us like a Staircase

Hard work us like a Staircase and
Luck us like a Lift.
Life may sometimes fail but Staircase
always take us to the top.
Good Morning