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Our Prophet (P.B.U.H) awoke at night

Our Prophet (P.B.U.H) awoke at night
and prayed for his Ummah until his
ankles swelled. In return, his Ummah
now sleep until their eyes swell.

Give UR heart 2 ALLAH n

Give UR heart 2 ALLAH n
ALLAH will send D right
person to take care of it
4 U.

Kai Kbi Socha

Kai Kbi Socha He Is Khobsorat
Jahan Ko Bnany Wala Khud Kitna
Khobsorat Huga?? <3

Qayamat k nazdiq

Akhri Dor me 2 cheezien milna mushkil hon ge

Aik: QabL_e_Atmad Admi aur 2sra Halal peshaa.

Jb Tum Namaz Nahein Parhty

Jb Tum Namaz Nahein Parhty to Ya Mat Socho K
Waqat Nahein Mila Bal K Ya Socho K Tum Sy Aysi
Kon c Khata Hoi! K Allah Ny Tumhein Apny Samny
Khara Karna Bhi Pasand Nahein Kiya.

If you desire

If you desire Allah to be
persistent in granting you
the thing you love,
Be persistent in doing the
things Allah loves.

Fill your heart

Fill your heart with Allah
So there is less space for
Anything other than Allah

When the way is cloudy

When the way is cloudy,
and there is no one by your side.
Allah is the only Guide

If Allah is pleased

If all the people are pleased with you
But Allah is not, What have you gained?
If Allah is pleased with you but no one
else is, What have you lost?

Your level of Iman

Your level of Iman
can be measured in
the consistency of
your good deeds.

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