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The day is going 2 end

The day is going 2 end,
You know I don’t pretend,
I am missing u even more this
Wanting 2 see u smile,
Good Night and Sleep Well.

Even When u hang up

Even When u hang up,
I miss u right away.
Even when we r texting,
and I am waiting 4 u reply,
I am still missing u.
I miss you even now.

I miss UR cuddles I miss UR kisses

I miss UR cuddles I miss UR kisses
but most of all I miss U! The love I
have will never changes as each day
goes by I will love U till the day I die.

Ab Dil Nahi Lagta…

Tum Saath Agar Hote Ye Shehar
Haseen Lagta
Ab Shaam Nahi Dhalti… Ab Dil Nahi

Lout ao k mainay suna hai

Lout ao k mainay suna hai!!
khud say batain karny walay
Aksar pagal ho jatay hain….!!!

ooy baaz aa ja

ooy baaz aa ja

Tumhari to Eid Guzri hy,
Hum pe Na-janay kya guzri hy.

Tujhy Chorr Doon,

Tujhy Chorr Doon,
Tujhy BhooL Jaon,
Kesy Batain Karte Ho?

Soorat To Phir Soorat Hai Mujhe To Tery Naam K Loog Bhi Ache Lagte Hain..!

I thought I could handle

I thought I could handle the pain
from being apart from you, but I
I miss you so much

Please come back

My eyes await your return.
Please come back soon!
I Really Miss You

I Love U Dil Sy

I c u – Ankhon Sy
I feel u – Sanson Sy
I remember u – Chahat Sy
I love u – Jaan Sy
I miss u – Dil Sy!

Still cross your mind

It’s crazy how you can go month or year
without talking to someone but they still
cross your mind every day.

I wanna write

I wanna write
I missing you
on a rock and throw at
you face so you know how
much it hurts to miss you.