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Translate This sentence in English

Teacher: Translate This sentence
in English

Apne hi Kiye Pe paani Pher dena?

Student after Thinking


Tum late kion aye ho

Teacher: Tum late kion aye ho?
Student: Ammi Abbu lar rahy thay eslie
Teacher:Wo lar rahay thay tu tum kion late aye
Student: Mera ek joota ammi ke pas tha owr ek abbu ke pas

Hawa or student ki soch

Hawa or student ki soch aik jese hoti hai.
Pata hai Kese?
Dono kitab k page parhy begair palti jaty hain. :-)

In Exam Hall

In Exam Hall
Girl: Mujhe bus es answer ki
starting bata do baki main likh
Pappu Ny dhiyan sy idhar-Udher
Dekha phir dheere se bola:

Define the word Lecturer

Teacher: Define the word Lecturer?
Student: Lecturer is a person who
has a bad habit of speaking when someone
is sleeping.

coolest student – funny student

Height of Coolness:
Finishing the paper
Coming out of the exam hall
Having a cold drink
And asking a friend: Dude, which paper was it?

Doctor & Student – Funny

Doctors after operation & Student after Exams
have same thing to say, We tried our best,
Right now, we can’t say anything bus DUA karo 😉

Motivational SMS for Students Funny

Behind every successful student, there is a Girlfriend.
But what about a failed student?
Lots of Girlfriends!

Teacher: Draw a diagram of bacteria

Teacher: Draw a diagram of bacteria.
Pappu: Here it is, Sir.
Teacher: Where? You haven’t drawn anything.
Pappu: Sir, you won’t be able to see bacteria without a microscope!


Dear Katherine!
Me tmhary begair zinda nai reh skta
Me tmse bht pyar krta hn
Jbsy tmhen us mountain py cycling krty dekha h
Mery dil k guitar bjny lgy hn
Tm bht khubsurat ho.
Me tmhara Brookfield k samny,
Mrs. Wicket k ghr py walnut cake or tea
k sath initzar kr rha hn…
Plz ajao or mera pyar accept kro!
Enni G gal c ty 18-chapter likh ditty saly ny…!!
Muhabataan tuadian,,
ty suppliyaan saadiaan…:-P


Madam:Agr Koi School Ke Samne
Bomb Rakh Deta Hai To Kya
Student:1-2 min Dekhenge
Agr Koi Le Jata Hai To Theek
Warna Staff Room Main Rakh

Miss Ap ny Mujhe Kal call – Funny

Miss Ap ny Mujhe Kal call Kiya Tha Kya?

Miss: Nahi To!!

Student: Kamal hai!!
Mere Phone pai toh Likha Tha Miss Call.

Funny Student SMS in Punjabi

Sardar(Bety Sy): Tere Result Da Ki Bunya
Beta: Principle Sahab Da Puter Fail Ay!
Sardar: Ty Tu?
Beta: Doctor Sahab Da Puter Vi Fail Ay!
Sardar: Ty Tera Ki Bunya?
Beta: O Khan Sahab Da Puter Vi Fail Ay!
Sardar: Kaminy Main Tera Phuchiya Ay?
Beta: Ty Tu Kyra Allama IQbal Ay, Tera
Puter Vi Fail Ay!!! 😀

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